Friday, 6 February 2015

Dove Stone Reservoir Cliff Ride

Dove Stone Reservoir is a scenic reservoir just outside of Greenfield, on the western edge of the Dark Peaks. It has a great, but fairly rocky, trail on the overlooking cliffs.

There's an old road, which turns into a gravel road leading up to the higher Chew Reservoir, and then you turn back upon yourself to join a trial that leads along the top of the cliff edge, heading roughly north in a crescent. This trail rocks. If you like rocky technical fun and awesome views, then this trail is for you.

There are a couple of boggy patches, but that's not exactly a surprise in mid-winter in the Peaks. Or in midsummer in the peaks, either, really.

The descent shown on the map is mostly just singletrack cutting through the grassy hillside, it's not technical, but it is steep. Watch out for walkers, especially since this isn't any kind of bridleway. MTBers seem to be well-tolerated, so let try nad keep it that way.

The road up from Dove Stone reservoir to Chew reservoir.


Looking down the road, toward Greenfield. The road turns from concrete to gravel as you get higher. Not remotely technical, but it seems to take a hell of a long time to get to the top grinding away in low gears.


Chew reservoir, at the top. There are a couple of different trails starting from this junction.


The trail conditions vary between either muddy, or rocky, or a combo of both.


Since most of the trail is along the edge of the cliffs, overlooking a valley with Dove Stone reservoir at the bottom, you get get view pretty much the entire time.





From the descent on the southern face of Ashway Hey, looking back over towards Great Dove Stone rocks and Dean Rocks.


The descent is grassy and steep, but not technical. There are a few different ways to descend though, and I haven't exhausted all of them yet.



Dove Stone is a great ride and a really easy trail to get to from Greenfield station. There are a bunch of trails coming off of the old road leading to Chew reservoir at the bottom and top, but the cliff ride is definitely recommended. Once the snow melts, anyway...

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